Siam GS Sales and Siam GS Battery
Siam GS Sales
Mr.Genzo Shimadzu first invented and Produced the lead-acid storage battery in Japan
Siam GS Battery
GS Battery was born in Japan by Japan Storage Battery Co.,Ltd
Siam GS Sales
“Japan Storage Battery” was founded with registered capital of US $ 143 million.
Siam GS Sales
GS Battery Distributor, Siam Motors Co.,Ltd. by Dr.Thaworn Phornprapha imported GS Battery from Japan and was entitled to its sole distributor in Thailand.
Siam GS Battery
Dr.Thaworn Phornprapha imported GS Battery from Japan and was entitled to its sole distributor in Thailand.
Siam GS Sales
Business expanded into foreign market such as THAILAND, INDONESIA, TAIWAN, USA, CHINA, etc.
Siam GS Sales
GS Factory was established by a joint venture between Siam Motors and Japan Storage Battery as to serve the fast growing demand in Thailand and its neighboring countries.
Siam GS Battery
Siam GS Battery Co.,Ltd. was inaugurated in 18th December.
Siam GS Sales
Siam Motors Parts Co.,Ltd. was established and located on Sukhumvit soi 67. GS distributorship was transferred from Siam Motors Co.,Ltd. to Siam Motors Parts Co.,Ltd.
Siam GS Sales
Lithium - ion battery initially produced.
Siam GS Battery
Expanded the factory as to serve the fast growing demand in Thailand and its built a new office building.
Siam GS Sales
100 Years Anniversary of The Founder.
Siam GS Battery
GS Factory has started manufacturing a cordless telephone battery.
Siam GS Sales
Office shifted, Siam Motors Parts Co.,Ltd. moved from Sukhumvit soi 67 to the new office located near SuanLuang Rama IX.
Siam GS Battery
ISO 9002 was standards for company certification which it’s the first battery manufacturer in Thailand.
Siam GS Sales
“GS MELCOTEC” as a company for lithium - ion battery was established.
Siam GS Battery
QS-9000 was standards for company certification which it’s the first battery manufacturer in Thailand.
Siam GS Battery
30th Anniversary Celebration.
Siam GS Sales
Siam GS Sales Co.,Ltd. separated from Siam Motors Parts as one of its divisions, Siam GS Sales Co.,Ltd. was established to distribute GS Battery in Thailand.
Siam GS Battery
GS Factory stated manufacturing an automobile battery, it’s “Maintenance free” battery to use for a passenger and pick up.
Siam GS Battery
ISO 14001 was certified environmental management standards (GS Battery celebrates the production capacity to 50 million units.)
Siam GS Battery
ได้รับการรับรองมาตรฐาน IATF 16949
Siam GS Battery
ครบรอบ 40 ปี
Siam GS Sales
ครบรอบ 10 ปี
Siam GS Battery
รับรองมาตรฐาน ISO 45001 : 2018
Siam GS Battery
ครบรอบ 50 ปี ได้รับการรับรอง Carbon Footprint for Organization
Siam GS Sales
ครบรอบ 20 ปี รับรางวัล 5ส Model Award
Siam GS Battery
รับรางวัล 5ส Silver Award
Manufacturing in Thailand
Siam GS Battery Co., Ltd., a manufacturer for GS Battery in Thailand was officially operated on December 18, 1970 located at Bang Pu-mai, Samutprakarn. It is a joint-venture between Siam Motors Co.,Ltd.(40%) and GS Yuasa International Co.,Ltd.(60%). The main purpose of the company was to manufacture automobile and pick-up batteries plus small sealed lead-acid batteries for cordless telephones as per the growing demand of GS Batteries in Thailand and the neighboring countries. The main market are as follow 1. Original equipment market (OEM) 2. Replacement Market (REM)-GS automobile are supplied to the domestic market through its distributor Siam GS Sales Co.,Ltd. 3. Export to Other countries which are JAPAN, BURMA, MALAYSIA,CAMBODIA, LAOS and The Middle East GS is the most popular battery chosen by end-users. As a leader, the company concentrates on continuos technological development in order to have the most advanced manufacturing and quality control system as well as the highest quality product to enhance the quality of life. GS batteries are limitlessly expanding the rang of their application as a clean energy source that serve people, industry and society.
World - Class Technology
Siam Motors Co., Ltd. imported GS Battery from Japan in 1960. Later, Siam GS Battery Co., Ltd. was established as a local factory in 1970 to produce GS Battery by the standard and technology of Japan Storage Battery Co., Ltd. of Japan. The eminent feature of GS Battery is the use of standard raw materials and attribution to the plate and special glass-fiber materials. Production and inspection are strictly controlled by well experienced Japanese engineers. In line with its vision of continuous development, GS Battery is the first Thai battery to receive the award of ISO 9002 / QS 9000 / ISO 14001 and ISO/TS 16949 which it is being accepted among the industries of all Japanese and European ‘s made cars. As of a quality production, GS Battery has become most efficient and trustworthy battery with its market shares as high as 60% of the OEM market. GS Battery has received a lot confidence from most car production makers i.e. NISSAN, TOYOTA, ISUZU, HINO, GM, MITSUBISHI, AAT (FORD-MAZDA) as well as from YAMAHA motorcycles.
Company Information
Siam GS Battery
The leader in the automobile battery industry
725 Persons (On June 2021)
Company Name
Siam GS Battery Co.,Ltd.
Technical Support
GS Yuasa International Ltd. Japan
78-78/1 M00 3 Sukhumvit Rd., Bangpoomai, Muang,
Samuthprakarn 10280 Thailand
QS-9000 (October 1999 - Present)
ISO 14001 : 2015(September 2002-Present)
IATF 16949 (April 2007- Present)
Cabon Footprint Organization (August 2020- Present)
ISO 45001 : 2018 (April 2020 - Present)
7 February 1969
18 December 1970
Siam Motor Group 40%
GS Yuasa International 60%
Key clients
Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Hino, Zusuki, Komatsu, Nissan-Diesel, GM, AAT(Ford-Mazda), Yamaha, Kawasaki
Authorized capital
71,400,000 Baht
Quality certified
GS Yuasa International Ltd. Japan
All battery under “GS” brand has the quality standard
align with GS Yuasa International Ltd. Japan
Production Capacity
Battery for the vehicle 4,600,000 Pcs. / Year